sony ericsson ck13i THEMES The only control I’ve effectively been keeping on Linux is that I know it better than anybody else.” I Ie pointed out that his control was only an illusion that was caused by the fact that he did a good job maintaining the system. “I’ve made my changes available to ftp sites etc. Those have become effectively official releases, and I dont expect this to change for sony ericsson ck13i THEMES I feel I have some moral right to it, but because I havent heard too many complaints? As he added new features to his OS, he shipped new copies frequently The Internet made this easy to do. He would just pop a new version up on a server and post a notice for all to read: come download the latest version. He made it clear that people could vote to depose him at any time. If people feel I do a sony ericsson ck13i THEMES, they can do it themselves.